3D Tom Silicone Cover for Airpods Pro


  • Premium Silicone Material
  • Precision Fit
  • Easy to Clean
  • Full Protection
  • Wireless Charging Compatible

3D Tom Silicone Cover for Airpods Pro

With the “3D Tom Silicone Case,” turn your Airpods Pro into a fun and useful accessory. This unusual case elevates your regular tech requirements with a whimsical charm by displaying a three-dimensional representation of Tom. The silicone material, which is crafted with durability and precision in mind, offers a comfortable grip for simple handling in addition to providing protection against scratches and bumps. To ensure that functionality isn’t affected, the case keeps buttons and charging ports easily accessible. Make a statement with your preferred wireless earbuds and let the “3D Tom Silicone Case” be the ideal balance of fashion and protection.

This case is more than simply a protective cover; it’s a statement of individuality, made for aficionados of both tech and animation. Your Airpods Pro will stand out from the crowd thanks to the meticulous attention to detail in Tom’s 3D design, which gives them a unique personality. The robust silicone not only protects your gadget but also adds to its overall beauty. Effortlessly blend pleasure and utility, this distinctively designed case will preserve your investment while enhancing your style.

3D Tom Case Gallery 1 Tom Silicone Case In Hand

Embrace the unusual and bid the ordinary farewell with the “3D Tom Silicone Case.” Its striking design serves as a strong defense against normal wear and tear in addition to being an eye-catcher. All of the necessary ports and controls are easily accessible thanks to the precisely cut casing, which keeps your Airpods Pro functioning flawlessly. This silicone cover is the ideal choice if you’re a fan of the well-known figure Tom or just want to add some fun to your tech accessories. The “3D Tom Silicone Case” will protect your Airpods Pro, make a statement, and show off your personal style.


Note: AirPods and charging case are not included; this product is designed for AirPods Pro.



  • Apple Airpods Pro 1st Generation
  • Apple Airpods Pro 2nd Generation (Case will not have the cutout for 2nd generation AirPod’s speaker)


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White, Light Brown


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