Airpods Pro 2 Type C Wireless Earbuds


  • Type C Charging
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Slide Volume Control
  • GPS Tracking
  • Pop-up Window
  • Speaker in Charging Case
  • Prompt Speaker Sound
  • Name Change Feature

Airpods Pro 2 Type C Wireless Earbuds

Introducing the next generation of wireless earbuds: Airpods Pro 2 Type C. Equipped with advanced Active Noise Cancellation, these earbuds ensure an immersive audio experience. The latest Type C charging port provides quick and efficient charging, while the slide volume control offers easy adjustments on the go. With built-in GPS tracking, you can always locate your earbuds.

Enjoy a seamless connection experience with the pop-up window feature and a speaker in the charging case that provides prompt sound notifications when you open the lid and connect. The name change feature allows you to personalize your Airpods, now powered by the updated H2 chip for superior performance.

Charge your earbuds wirelessly and enjoy compatibility with both iOS and Android devices. Each earbud is equipped with a microphone, enabling Siri or Google Assistant for hands-free control. The 598 mAh battery capacity ensures long-lasting use, providing non-regrettable superior sound, bass, and overall feel.

Control your music effortlessly with the pressure-sensitive lower stem sensor activation. Single tap to pause/play, double tap to skip to the next track, triple tap to go back, and a long pressure touch to activate Siri or Google Voice Assistant. Experience the ultimate in wireless audio with the Airpods Pro 2 Type C, designed for seamless connectivity and exceptional sound quality.

Airpods Pro 2nd Gen Type C Wireless Earbuds Airpods Pro 2 Type C Wireless Earbuds

Airpods Pro 2 Type C wireless earbuds feature Active Noise Cancellation, Type C charging, slide volume control, GPS tracking, and a pop-up window for easy connection. With a speaker in the charging case, prompt sound notifications, and an updated H2 chip, they offer seamless connectivity and superior sound quality. These earbuds also boast a 598 mAh battery, dual microphones, and intuitive touch controls for a convenient user experience. Control music effortlessly with pressure-sensitive sensors. Compatible with iOS and Android.


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