Airpods Pro Shinchan Case with Hook


(5 customer reviews)
  • Aid for wireless charging.
  • Attractive patterns that are scratch- and dust-resistant.
  • High-quality silicone components that are shock, splash, and drop resistant.
  • It is straightforward to install.
  • Designed to work with Apple AirPods Pro and Pro 2nd Generation

Airpods Pro Shinchan Case with Hook


  • You stand out from the crowd as a result of the Shinchan design! The Airpods accessories make excellent presents for young adults, girls, and women.
  • A smooth, resilient, dust-proof surface can be made using high-grade elastic silicone. gives complete security for your Airpods.
  • This item’s surface has been coated with anti-fingerprint oil spray, and it is made of soft, high-quality silicone that is tasteless and non-toxic. If it is dirty, water can be used to clean it.
  • This item is constructed of soft, high-quality silicone that is tasteless and non-toxic, and its surface has been coated with anti-fingerprint oil spray. It can be cleaned with water if it’s soiled.
  • Easy to use. The case’s anti-slip embossed surface protects against accidental drops that could damage your headset and keeps it from slipping out of your hand.
  • The power button and USB port are perfectly cut and constructed, allowing you to charge the AirPods Pro without taking the case off.



  • Silicone case for Airpods Pro
  • Metal clip


  • Apple Airpods Pro 1st Generation
  • Apple Airpods Pro 2nd Generation (Case will not have the cutout for 2nd generation AirPod’s speaker)


Airpods Pro/Pro 2 Shinchan Case

Airpods Pro/Pro 2 3D Shinchan Case with Hook

Airpods Pro/Pro 2 Cute 3D Case with Hook


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The Airpods Pro Shinchan Case makes it simple and secure to carry your AirPods Pro wherever you go. How many times have you prayed that while wearing your AirPods, you won’t trip and break them? The Airpods Pro Shinchan Case is furthermore included. The elegant Airpods Pro will be elegantly protected from damage by the high-quality Case Shock Proof Cover. This amazing Case is water- and drop-resistant to use. This shockproof cover is made from the highest quality, most durable soft-touch silicone. The robust casing is expertly designed to withstand drops and shocks as well as to keep out dust and moisture.

Here on WishZone can you place an order for an Airpods Pro Shinchan Case.

* Please check your Airpods model before buying and select correct model in option.
* The top and bottom covers are separated, not integrated
Material: High-quality silicon cases that offer complete protection and are resistant to impact. Simple and handy to use. simple to install and take down
High-quality earphone case that totally shields your headphones and absorbs shock ideal case for portable storage Airpods Pro Shinchan Case
Specifically made for the Airpods Pro and Airpods Pro 2nd Generation models, this case keeps your headphones clean and free of scuffs and external pollution.
Superior shock absorption design that is built to circulate, disperse, and absorb shocks into the case.
Design of the charging hole, which is at the bottom of the reserve and is both fashionable and generous.

5 reviews for Airpods Pro Shinchan Case with Hook

  1. Kiran Chandershekar

    No doubt the case is made of silicon. It will protect the AirPods from scratches and mild impacts.

  2. Atul

    Nothing can beat shinchan, so I have also purchased this case

  3. Daksh

    Cute case with hook, so stylish and so useful.

  4. Harsimran

    Easy to install and use, gives full protection to airpods

  5. Natasha

    Sooooo cutteeee cassseeee, best case for airpods

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