Universal Travel Power Adapter


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  • International Travel Adapter
  • Multiple Pins Supported
  • Rugged and Tough Material
  • Maximum Portability

Universal Travel Power Adapter

A Universal Travel Power Adapter is an essential travel accessory that simplifies and enhances the charging experience for globetrotters. Designed to accommodate the diverse range of electrical outlets and voltages found around the world, this compact and versatile device ensures that travelers can easily power their electronic devices no matter where their journeys take them.

This adapter features a sleek and portable design, making it easy to carry in your luggage or backpack. It comes equipped with a variety of plug types and built-in voltage converters, allowing you to connect your devices to outlets in over 150 countries. Whether you’re charging your smartphone, laptop, camera, or other gadgets, the Universal Travel Power Adapter offers compatibility and convenience.

The adapter’s user-friendly interface and clear labeling make it straightforward to select the appropriate plug for your destination. It also incorporates safety features such as surge protection and overload protection to safeguard your devices from unexpected voltage fluctuations. With its universal compatibility and reliability, the Universal Travel Power Adapter is an indispensable companion for anyone exploring the world, ensuring that your devices stay powered up and ready for your adventures.

NOTE: The electrical output current and voltage of this adapter are NOT CONVERTED.


Universal Power Adapter Front and Back

Box from Front of Universal Power Adapter



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IMPORTANT INSTRUCTION: After unlocking, hold the green lock button in the locked position when putting the device into power outlet; otherwise, the adapter may fall.



  • Accepts Plugs From More Than 150 Countries, Has Plugs From USA, EU, UK, Australia, China, and Japan.
  • Has Built-In Safety Shutters.
  • Adapter for International Travel
  • Only the power outlet is converted by this charger adapter plug.
  • The electrical output current and voltage are unaffected.
  • Work with iPad, iPhone, Galaxy phones, and laptop cameras; Dual USB Ports DC5V 2.1A 10W; Indoor Use Only.
  • 100-240W input/100-240W maximum output/100-240W
  • Before using, rip the plastic film from the surface.
  • Multiple input plugs securely connect to a single adapter that has built-in safety shutters.
  • When traveling throughout the world, a universal power adapter that has a child protection safety shutter is portable, lightweight, and of a small size. the Open/Lock Switches are included.
  • With this universal converter, you may use any conventional wall outlet anywhere in the globe.

5 reviews for Universal Travel Power Adapter

  1. Drishti

    Works perfectly as expected in EU.

  2. Sanjeev

    Excellent quality with neat packaging
    Worth the money.

    Image #1 from Sanjeev
  3. Bharti

    Fits goods work as expected!! Recommended one !! Travel friendly!!

  4. Silpa

    Really nice product for travel and multi benefits.

  5. Nishar Ahmed

    Such an amazing product…This product is one stop shop if you are a frequent traveler…. Amazing quality material…looks premium…

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