Watch Ultra with Airpods Pro USA


Ultra Watch

  • Distinctive logo display upon power toggling
  • Expansive 45mm, 2.02-inch HD screen
  • Five drop-down menu styles
  • Premium Ocean Loop Strap included
  • Dual side buttons and scroll function
  • Real-time notifications from WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messages

Airpods Pro

  • 99.99% identical to the original
  • Imported directly from the USA
  • Enhanced sound quality
  • Superior bass performance
  • Automatic ear detection
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Watch Ultra with Airpods Pro USA

The Ultra Watch packs an array of premium features to redefine your smartwatch experience. Featuring a distinctive logo display upon power toggling, it exudes sophistication from the start. Its expansive 45mm, 2.02-inch HD screen ensures vivid visuals for immersive viewing.

Navigate effortlessly through its interface with five drop-down menu styles, tailored to your preference. The included premium Ocean Loop Strap adds style and comfort to your wrist, complementing its sleek design.

With dual side buttons and scroll function, the Ultra Watch offers seamless control and navigation. Stay connected with real-time notifications from WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messages, ensuring you’re always in the loop.

Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, this smartwatch offers versatility across platforms. Enjoy Bluetooth calling, step counting, and sports tracking functionalities to stay active and connected wherever you go.

Wireless charging support and a built-in heart rate sensor add convenience and performance to your daily routine. The Ultra Watch seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle, offering premium features in a sleek and stylish package.


Watch Ultra with Airpods Pro USA Ultra Watch with Airpods Pro

Experience the pinnacle of audio excellence with the AirPods Pro, a masterpiece that mirrors perfection at 99.99%. Straight from the USA 🇺🇸, these earbuds deliver an unparalleled auditory journey.

Immerse yourself in an audio experience like never before, as the AirPods Pro offer more magical sound than ever, coupled with top-notch sound quality and exceptional bass performance. With automatic ear detection, they seamlessly adapt to your needs, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Control is at your fingertips with tap functionality for play, pause and skip. Personalize your AirPods Pro with customizable name options, making them uniquely yours.

Never miss a beat with extended battery life, providing up to 6 hours of uninterrupted listening pleasure. The inclusion of extra EarTips and a charging cable ensures you have everything you need to enjoy your AirPods Pro to the fullest.

Elevate your audio experience with the AirPods Pro, where innovation meets superior sound quality, delivering a truly magical listening experience.



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Strap Color

Black, Orange, Green


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